Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunday Report

My stash has grown quite a bit over the past couple years and I think it is time I get in on this Stash Busting! LOL My report for this week isn't much, but it is a start.

Here's my report:
  1. Using 3 yards of background fabric from my stash for a New Years Day Mystery I am doing!
  2. Found some off white fabric to use on a snowman wallhanging I am working on.

Now I need to make a list of my UFO's, PIG's and projects that I have fabric for. That should help me concentrate on what I need to do this year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a blessed and joyful day. Opening presents was a hoot today. Unknown to each other we all disguised our gifts to each other. It was so fun to watch each other grab a present and have absolutely no clue what was in it! There was a tie this year for the best gotcha! Tim got his Dad a new computer and put it in a suitcase to give to him! Poor Dad had no clue!! And was shall we say overwhelmed. Then Heather packaged up some unique brands of beer for her brother and each one was wrapped in purses and all kinds of boxes inside one huge computer box! She really had him going! Twas a fun morning around the tree!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve is here

It is hard to believe but it is almost Christmas. Where has the year gone? For me it flew by...faster than previous years. Well the shopping is done, still need to wrap a few presents and dinner is cooking. Kids are in front of the tv watching Pulp Fiction I believe! And Jim is just finishing shredding the cabbage for the coleslaw. Scalloped potatoes are in the oven and the honey baked ham is in the fridge and tastes awesome. This was Day 11 in the gift exchange I am participating in and I opened up the cutest buttons! I can't wait till tomorrow to find out who my Elf was. She sure has spoiled me rotten this year. I am behind in my picture taking and will get that caught up tomorrow and post a few. Guess it is time to start thinking about New Year's Resolutions...both quilty and personal. Will post those later on this week.

Today at the restaurant this couple came in with twin first I didn't recognize them and then Andrea came over and said remember those twin babies that used to come in all the time...well it turns out these boys were those babies! They are so adorable and they had their dog with them, who stayed outside the door tied to the wagon that the boys were traveling in. So cute, the dog had a cute hankerchief tied around his shoulder and was so good when people walked by. Never barked, nor attempted to bother people. Very well behaved. And so were the boys. It is going to be fun at their house tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's crunch time!

This week has been a great one with the 12 Days of Christmas Swap I am participating in! Today was Day 7 and I got the most awesome 2 1/2 inch strips! I can't wait until Christmas Day to find out who my Elf is! She sure is spoiling me! Here are a couple pics of some items I have opened....

Well today is the 20th and I have so much to accomplish.....have no clue how I will get it done....We have 2 parties this weekend, plus I will be working the 23rd and 24th! And our Son comes home on the 22nd and Jim returns from a week of traveling on the 21st. Yesterday Heather and I got our nails done, she had asked to get a manicure while I was getting mine done. So we did that and then off to the florist to order flowers to be delivered to relatives and then the candy supply store to purchase some bags and boxes for her presents for co-workers. The rest of the day was spent shopping and cleaning. I have been enjoying the cooler weather this week..but it is now starting to warm up in the afternoons...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Blonde moments! Or maybe I should say Senior moment!

Sunday, one of our Son's friends came over to have me sew a couple of patches on his pants for a karate type of class he is taking. I look no big deal...pant legs wide enough to go around I have Heather get out matching thread while I start setting up the machine. So I thread it and start to sew the first one on and it goes crazy...thread bunching up, making all kinds of noise! I'm like what the heck it wasn't doing this I tell Heather to go get the viking and I set it up and sew the patches on with it. Worked like a charm...but my pfaff I'm like what is going on....later on after getting groceries and all that I sit down with the manual to read the troubleshooting section....hmmm....nothing there! So I go to the front and start reading....find the section on threading the machine and go oh CRAP! I threaded it wrong no wonder it wouldn't work! Then this morning Jim is making a breakfast sandwhich and goes Honey! you threw out the wrong lunchmeat!!!!!!!!!!! Well another blonde moment last night....we had a little bit of lunchmeat in the fridge that had been around a little too long...and I swore we threw it out and put the new in the fridge...well we did the reverse! Threw out the new and kept the old! So now today I get to stop at the grocery store again and buy more lunchmeat and also cheese as that went in the garbage also! I give up! Sure hope today goes well at work...I've had enough blonde/senior moments!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


This past Tuesday, Heather and I were going to the pet store...for some reason Eddie thought he needed more food! LOL It had been sprinkling to a light rain and was also a sunny and cloudy day here...really odd day. Well as we are going along and trying to figure out where to have dinner I looked in the sky and there was a gorgeous we keep watching and there was the the other end....we could see the entire rainbow including the arch. And the colors were all visible and bright. Well we didn't have the camera with us...but while we were stopped at a red light I remembered my cell phone has a camera so I snapped a shot of part of the rainbow. It was awesome, neither one of us remember every being able to see the violet like we could on this one. Picture isn't the best but you get the idea!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Took Heather shopping!

Heather asked me earlier if I would like to buy her some I said alright lets run up to Kohl's. Well in her opinion all they had were Granny Panties! LOL So we headed off to Target and much to her dismay they only had Granny Panties as well. I then asked her what are you looking for and where do you usually get them??? She says oh I want such and such and I always find them at Penneys! LOL So off we go to Penneys and low and behold they had something other than granny she picks them out and we go to the checkout. Well they were to be 5 for $25 and they weren't ringing up that way and this little older lady says well something is in this pile that shouldn't be or else they would ring up. Well after probably 10 mins of waiting for the other clerk to go and check we find out that the one pair had been reduced to $2.99! So Heather goes and picks out another pair of undies so we can get the others for the $25! Talk about pulling teeth to buy underware! So that was my laugh so to speak for today.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

12 Days bag gonna be made from my stash!

Yahoo! I found all the fabric and batting needed to make the bag for my Elf out of my stash! I am so happy....didn't think it was gonna happen but it did. After Christmas I will post pics but until I can't just in case she would happen by and read my bog....that wouldn't be cool..Am thinking that I may make one for me after the first of the year!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Baby quilt all done!

Here is a pic of the finished baby quilt. It's all quilted and the binding is all done.

Being sick stinks!

My brain is telling me I am finally starting to see improvement. But doing the least little thing makes me so tired! Yesterday I loaded the dishwasher up and turned it on and then sat in my chair and took a nap. Still don't feel like eating too much. I want to sew and am really hoping to do some least I am going to try. Wish me luck! I also need to get to the grocery store and pick up a couple things we are out of...hopefully when Heather gets up she can drive me there.

I have made a list of who I want to make things for as presents for Christmas. While in my chair today I will start looking through magazines and books for the perfect projects. And then another time I can start going through my stash and see what I have on hand that I can use for the gifts!

I got the new Connecting Threads catalog yesterday and found the perfect bag pattern to get to make for my 12 Days of Christmas Swap partner! Going to order it this morning!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Went to the Drs. Friday....

And I am now off work until Nov 12th. I have an Upper Respiratory Infection and Bronchitis. Got some Leviquinn to take and some cough syrup at the pharmacy. Have been back and picked up different cough syrups to see if I can sleep at night.....still no real improvement, so I will be calling the Dr. back on Monday. Hopefully they will just call something new in and I don't have to go in. Boss I dont' think was too happy when I dropped off my note to be out of work...but he will just have to deal with it. Working 30 hours in 3 days last week I'm sure didn't help my health. When I go back I am cutting back to 4 days a week.

I so want to be sewing.....and I need to start on a couple Christmas presents, but I just don't have the energy. Maybe tomorrow I can pick out a couple patterns and then go through my stash and see what I can use. Hopefully I won't have to buy anything! That would be awesome.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our weekend!

Saturday started as a pretty good day....Jim went and got donuts and I fielded a couple phone calls from work...later on went into to work and had lunch with the boss and talked about potential advertising. I'm in shock! Came home and discovered that the a/c was not working at all...not even if you just turned on the fan...and on top of that my computer was sick and Jim was trying to fix it. So a call to the a/c people and they come out and it turns out that the drain pipe was clogged and that there is some kind of float kill switch that when the pan gets too full it shuts it off! Well now we know! So we got lucky there....Jim hopefully has my puter far so good...of course I now have things to load back on it....Went to Lowe's and purchased a new timer for our landscaping lights and Jim got it installed and it isn't working right and the stupid directions are in spanish!!! So this weekend he will be working on that again....Monday I was finally able to get through to my Doctor and get the prescription fiasco fixed. Picked up the meds and started on here's hoping I will improve! I have the next two days off and will hopefully get some sewing done and want to put out a few halloween decorations.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Well today at work was slow.....boss was in a really good mood! I called my Doctor and they said they would call in some new meds for me. So before I left work I called the Pharmacy to make sure it was ready to be picked up and was told that the Doc had called in another Z-Pack for I called the Doc as normally when it doesn't work the firs time they call in something else...the nurse told me that she had called in the Z-Pack and Profen I go to the pharmacy and ask for my meds and all they give me is the I say that they also called in the Profen and they go oh yea...there it is on the script! DUH!! But we have a problem we don't have any, so they call another Walgreens and get told by that Tech that Profen has been I ask if they can call my Doc and tell her....they call and get told to fax a letter stating this to them and then they will fax a new script to the I wait a little while and nothing is happening so I say I'll go home and check back. After a couple hours I go back as Heather and I were out running errands and ask if they got it taken care of...well we faxed the Doc but haven't heard back yet....well I called around 7:30 PM and they still haven't heard I am assuming now I won't get the other med until Monday! Here's hoping the Doc faxed it later on tonight or just happens to come in the office on Sat which I doubt either of those happens. Too bad I wasn't working tonight as sometimes she comes in to eat!

I didn't get any sewing done today/tonight..but have been working on a Christmas swap I am running for some friends. It is always so much fun! Getting excited to get the assignments sent out to everyone! That will happen sometime Monday!

I am sitting here watching the Indians and the Red Sox play and am not a happy camper! Here's hoping the Indians can pull it together and beat the Red Sox!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby quilt

I made this for a nephew's new baby girl. I used flannels for the top and also for the backing............however I need to add some borders onto the backing so it will be wide enough...then I will send off to Shirley to quilt! Jim helped pick out the fabrics!

Back to work...

I have been off work for a couple days, been down with bronchitis and still not feeling up to par...but back I go....if I am no better tomorrow I am to call back in and they will call in some new meds for me. Right now the Doc has me trying that Mucinex DM so we shall see if it helps. I hope it does! I had hoped to do some sewing while off work..but that didn't happen....I so need to finish the borders on this baby quilt so I can ship it off to be quilted! Maybe tonight. Last night Jim took me out to eat and when we came out of the resturant there was a gorgeous sunset, however I didn't have our camera with us and my camera on the cell phone wouldn't pick up the colors! Have got to learn to carry that camera with me! You never know when you will want it....just wish it wasn't so big and bulky!