Friday, October 12, 2007


Well today at work was slow.....boss was in a really good mood! I called my Doctor and they said they would call in some new meds for me. So before I left work I called the Pharmacy to make sure it was ready to be picked up and was told that the Doc had called in another Z-Pack for I called the Doc as normally when it doesn't work the firs time they call in something else...the nurse told me that she had called in the Z-Pack and Profen I go to the pharmacy and ask for my meds and all they give me is the I say that they also called in the Profen and they go oh yea...there it is on the script! DUH!! But we have a problem we don't have any, so they call another Walgreens and get told by that Tech that Profen has been I ask if they can call my Doc and tell her....they call and get told to fax a letter stating this to them and then they will fax a new script to the I wait a little while and nothing is happening so I say I'll go home and check back. After a couple hours I go back as Heather and I were out running errands and ask if they got it taken care of...well we faxed the Doc but haven't heard back yet....well I called around 7:30 PM and they still haven't heard I am assuming now I won't get the other med until Monday! Here's hoping the Doc faxed it later on tonight or just happens to come in the office on Sat which I doubt either of those happens. Too bad I wasn't working tonight as sometimes she comes in to eat!

I didn't get any sewing done today/tonight..but have been working on a Christmas swap I am running for some friends. It is always so much fun! Getting excited to get the assignments sent out to everyone! That will happen sometime Monday!

I am sitting here watching the Indians and the Red Sox play and am not a happy camper! Here's hoping the Indians can pull it together and beat the Red Sox!

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