Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Troubles....

I really hadn't thought this would be that hard a project to make and quilt...the making was easy peasy however the quilting was NOT easy or fun.  I sat down numerous times to quilt this guy and the first thread I picked out wouldn't flow freely through the tension disks, tried couple times and no luck.  Got another spool of thread, different company and it would flow, however it kept breaking UGH!  Tried everything I could think of to solve the problem and nope NOT happening.  That spool went in the garbage.  Grabbed a third spool of thread, which wasn't what I wanted to use, color wise, but I was determined to not leave the house and I got lucky it worked, however my free motion skills are very lacking at the moment.  I also got another top quilted and now I can't find the binding fabric, so I am on a mission to locate it.  Here is Turkey Troubles hanging on the front door!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A UFO bites the dust!

This was started a few years back and truthfully I thought it was finished until I started moving some things into the new sewing room.  Yep!  You guessed it, I found it and various things needed to be finished.  So this past month I have been working on this and it is now a top and hanging in the TBQ section of the closet!  This was a quilt along with Judy over at Patchworktimes.  Jim and I liked it without the extra border of HST's so they were omitted.  I love how this came together and can't wait to get it quilted!