Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween/Stash Report

Let's see the past couple weeks I've used, I've added and gee used again!  LOL  Report right now isn't too bad and I can get it under control hopefully this week.  So without further ado here's my report........

Here's my report:

Stash added this week: 1 3/4  yards
Stash added YTD: 66 3/4 yards

Stash used this week: 4 3/4 yards
Stash used this year: 65 5/8 yards

Net stash busted YTD: -1 1/8 yards

To see how everyone else is doing check out Judy's blog 

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I was beginning to wonder if I would get these done before Halloween.  I finished them Friday and they are now in use.  2 of them as curtains and the other 2 for placemats.  I used fall fabric for the backing so I can turn them over on Nov 1st and use till I decorate for Christmas.  They aren't the greatest but the husband likes them!  The pattern for the placemats came from Eleanor Burns and I will be making the wallhanging for next year.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween placemats.....

I've been working on halloween placemats and am to the point of adding the faces and then finishing.  However I will be making 2 placemats and the other 2 will be curtain for in the kitchen window.  The pattern is from Eleanor Burns and is quick and easy! 

Next up will be to make the turkey from Eleanor Burns for Thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week 41 Stash report.....

This week I am adding to my totals the fabrics I purchased to finish the Summer Ribbons quilt top I have in the works.  They aren't too bad since I did manage to get some time in at the machine.  To read what others are doing hop over to Judy's and take a look!  So without further delay here is my stash report!

Here's my report:

Stash added this week: 8 yards
Stash added YTD: 65 yards

Stash used this week: 5 3/8 yards
Stash used this year: 61 1/8 yards

Net stash busted YTD: -3 7/8 yards

Friday, October 15, 2010

A little this and a little that

Goodness I didn't think I was MIA for that long! I have been working on my socks from class, but had a mistake and tried to fix it and well that didn't go well, so I ended up ripping the whole thing out and am now starting over from the beginning...

So in the meantime I have been working on some pumpkin placemats and I got the bug to move things around in the sewing room and here are some pictures of what I have done, the one picture I still need to de-clutter the furniture and then should be basically done with the sewing area.

The other night we had a very pretty sunset and the one picture is of the moon and clouds.