Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our weekend!

Saturday started as a pretty good day....Jim went and got donuts and I fielded a couple phone calls from work...later on went into to work and had lunch with the boss and talked about potential advertising. I'm in shock! Came home and discovered that the a/c was not working at all...not even if you just turned on the fan...and on top of that my computer was sick and Jim was trying to fix it. So a call to the a/c people and they come out and it turns out that the drain pipe was clogged and that there is some kind of float kill switch that when the pan gets too full it shuts it off! Well now we know! So we got lucky there....Jim hopefully has my puter fixed...so far so good...of course I now have things to load back on it....Went to Lowe's and purchased a new timer for our landscaping lights and Jim got it installed and it isn't working right and the stupid directions are in spanish!!! So this weekend he will be working on that again....Monday I was finally able to get through to my Doctor and get the prescription fiasco fixed. Picked up the meds and started on them.....so here's hoping I will improve! I have the next two days off and will hopefully get some sewing done and want to put out a few halloween decorations.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Well today at work was slow.....boss was in a really good mood! I called my Doctor and they said they would call in some new meds for me. So before I left work I called the Pharmacy to make sure it was ready to be picked up and was told that the Doc had called in another Z-Pack for me...so I called the Doc as normally when it doesn't work the firs time they call in something else...the nurse told me that she had called in the Z-Pack and Profen DM...so I go to the pharmacy and ask for my meds and all they give me is the Z-Pack..so I say that they also called in the Profen and they go oh yea...there it is on the script! DUH!! But we have a problem we don't have any, so they call another Walgreens and get told by that Tech that Profen has been discontinued....so I ask if they can call my Doc and tell her....they call and get told to fax a letter stating this to them and then they will fax a new script to the pharmacy....so I wait a little while and nothing is happening so I say I'll go home and check back. After a couple hours I go back as Heather and I were out running errands and ask if they got it taken care of...well we faxed the Doc but haven't heard back yet....well I called around 7:30 PM and they still haven't heard anything....so I am assuming now I won't get the other med until Monday! Here's hoping the Doc faxed it later on tonight or just happens to come in the office on Sat which I doubt either of those happens. Too bad I wasn't working tonight as sometimes she comes in to eat!

I didn't get any sewing done today/tonight..but have been working on a Christmas swap I am running for some friends. It is always so much fun! Getting excited to get the assignments sent out to everyone! That will happen sometime Monday!

I am sitting here watching the Indians and the Red Sox play and am not a happy camper! Here's hoping the Indians can pull it together and beat the Red Sox!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Baby quilt

I made this for a nephew's new baby girl. I used flannels for the top and also for the backing............however I need to add some borders onto the backing so it will be wide enough...then I will send off to Shirley to quilt! Jim helped pick out the fabrics!

Back to work...

I have been off work for a couple days, been down with bronchitis and still not feeling up to par...but back I go....if I am no better tomorrow I am to call back in and they will call in some new meds for me. Right now the Doc has me trying that Mucinex DM so we shall see if it helps. I hope it does! I had hoped to do some sewing while off work..but that didn't happen....I so need to finish the borders on this baby quilt so I can ship it off to be quilted! Maybe tonight. Last night Jim took me out to eat and when we came out of the resturant there was a gorgeous sunset, however I didn't have our camera with us and my camera on the cell phone wouldn't pick up the colors! Have got to learn to carry that camera with me! You never know when you will want it....just wish it wasn't so big and bulky!