Monday, December 26, 2011

2012 UFO Challenge

Whelp it's that time of year where Judy posts the final stash report for 2011 and starts us thinking on what UFO's we want to finish for 2012.  I finally got my list together and I think it is do able for this coming year.

2012 UFO's
  1. Pumpkin blocks into a top
  2. Lost Socks into a top
  3. Sailboat: needs quilted/binding
  4. Churn Dash: put into a top/quilted/binding
  5. PP Tiny Hearts: put into top/quilted/binding
  6. Dresden Bloom: made into a top
  7. Peek-a-Boo Bunny: finish top/quilt/bind
  8. Mumm Christmas wall hanging: finish blocks/top/quilt/bind
  9. Black White Friendship Stars:  put into top/quilted/bind
  10. PP Snowflakes:  make into top/quilt/bind
  11. 4 Seasons:  make final block/make a top/quilt/bind
  12. Chickadee Quadrille blocks:  make into top/quilt/bind
1. Pumpkin Swap

 2. Lost Socks

3. Sailboat

4. Churn Dash

5.  PP Tiny Hearts
6. Dresden Bloom

7.  Peek-a-Boo Bunny

8.  Mumm Christmas 

9.  Black/White Friendship Stars

10.  PP Snowflakes

11.  4 Seasons
12.  Chickadee Quadrille

Week 52 Stash report

I am pretty happy with my stash busting efforts for this year, how about you?  Were you able to bust some stash?  I ended in the positive for the year, not by much but I'll take it.  I am getting my charts ready as Judy is once again hosting Stash busting over at Patchwork Times.  Head over there and read all about it.

My totals are:

Used this past month or so:       6 1/2 yards
Used year to Date:    61 7/8 yards
Added this past month or so:     4 5/8 yards
Added Year to Date: 57 1/3 yards
Net Used for 2011:   4 1/2 yards

Sunday, December 18, 2011

December Finishes!

I've been on a roll this month finishing up some UFO's!  It feels so good to end the year with all these finishes.  Do you have any finishes this month?

These first two are not UFO's but Christmas presents...

1.  Mitered placemats made using this neat tool!  These are part of a gift for my Mother-in-law.  I hope she likes them.  The mitering was really easy to do, I had never mitered before and was impressed.

2.  Using another cool tool I made these pleated towels which go with the placemats.  I purchased the towels and then added the pleated ruffle using the 1 inch size for pleating.  Really easy and quick.

Now on to the finishes!

1.  Wreath of flowers
            I had started this way back in 2005, finally finished the top at Retreat in 2010, finally got it quilted and            I put the binding on this month and it is now hanging up....

2.  Squatting Snowman was next to be finished.  I made the top in a class at the LQS oh prior to 2009.  Finally bit the bullet and quilted it and he proudly greeting people on our front door.

3.  Gingerbread table runner
                The six blocks were made for me by a Secret Sister and I put them together into this runner a year or so ago.  Got it quilted and bound this week, and it is now on my dining room table, which is not what it is on for the picture.

And of course during all this sewing I had a he is!  Sure made it interesting...LOL

I also made this wall hanging for a swap I participated with online.  I really like how it turned out and will need to make one for me for next year. She sent me a F4 and I had to come up with the pattern and other fabrics to use.

I also sent off a F4 and here is the darling wall hanging I received!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Troubles....

I really hadn't thought this would be that hard a project to make and quilt...the making was easy peasy however the quilting was NOT easy or fun.  I sat down numerous times to quilt this guy and the first thread I picked out wouldn't flow freely through the tension disks, tried couple times and no luck.  Got another spool of thread, different company and it would flow, however it kept breaking UGH!  Tried everything I could think of to solve the problem and nope NOT happening.  That spool went in the garbage.  Grabbed a third spool of thread, which wasn't what I wanted to use, color wise, but I was determined to not leave the house and I got lucky it worked, however my free motion skills are very lacking at the moment.  I also got another top quilted and now I can't find the binding fabric, so I am on a mission to locate it.  Here is Turkey Troubles hanging on the front door!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A UFO bites the dust!

This was started a few years back and truthfully I thought it was finished until I started moving some things into the new sewing room.  Yep!  You guessed it, I found it and various things needed to be finished.  So this past month I have been working on this and it is now a top and hanging in the TBQ section of the closet!  This was a quilt along with Judy over at Patchworktimes.  Jim and I liked it without the extra border of HST's so they were omitted.  I love how this came together and can't wait to get it quilted!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lavender Sunrise

Lavender Sunrise is finished and on it's way to Heather!  Our local quilt store did the quilting and I love what they did!  Nice even stitches looks great front and back!  I started this awhile back this year with a group of quilters over at QATW.  I'm seeing this in Christmas fabrics in my head, might have to make one for next year...too many things going on/in progress for this year!

And here is a picture of Eddie....evidently he stayed up way too late last night enjoying the cooler/less humid weather we have and is sound asleep.  So hard being a cat!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A finish FINALLY!!!!!

I have finally finished something other than dishcloths!!!!!  The blocks were from a swap a few years and this is now hanging on my front door.....It has been ready for the binding for what seems like forever and this weekend that was accomplished.  Here's hoping I can keep up the momentum and get more finishes between now and the end of the year.  

Stash Week #37

I finally found time to get this updated.  Things are starting to slow down and I have been able to start getting back to sewing!  My stash report isn't pretty, but it is what it is!  So here goes!  To see how are others are doing head over to Judy's!

My totals are:

Used this Week:       3 3/8 yards
Used year to Date:    30 5/8 1/4 yards
Added this Week:     16 yards
Added Year to Date: 45 1/2 yards
Net Used for 2011:   -14 7/8 yards

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sewing room thoughts...

Now that we are empty nesters comes the re-arranging of either my office or sewing room.  Hubby suggested that I move the sewing area into DD's bedroom.  So while home last weekend we moved the sewing and cutting tables into her old bedroom.  While the desk was apart Jim did some modifications to it and lowered my machine so it is now level with the top of the desk.  I also picked up some paint swatches and need to get those tacked up on the walls to look at.  The color I paint in there will depend on whether it becomes a sewing room or my office.  But that will have to wait as I am in Tallahassee with Heather!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation and moving

Thursday last week we loaded up a truck and moved Heather to Tallahassee.  She will start her Junior year at FSU this month.  She's all unloaded and getting to her unpacking...that will be a work in progress.  We attended Junior Orientation on Friday, she spent her first night in her new place.   Jim and I stayed at one of the many local hotels and let's just say I think we found the worst one in Tally!  The bathroom was claustrophobic, the ceiling over the tub was not fixed well after an apparent leak in the room above us.  When you would turn off the light the smoke alarm would go off!!!!  We also got to spend time with Tim, Bill and Lisa which always turns into a good time.

On Sunday we checked out stopped and saw Heather and Tim and then left town headed for Pensacola.  Took the so called scenic route instead of I 10 and it may have took us longer but had better scenery than 10.    Checked into our hotel and got everything in our room and well lets say it was bad, water leaking, fridge didn't work, etc.  So off to the front desk we go and he gives us key to another room, check it out and well it was a no go this happened to 2 more rooms before the one we are in now.  It still isn't the best, but much, much better than the others!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stash Report July 10th

Haven't been doing much in the sewing room lately...been busy getting Heather ready to move the end of the month.  I have added some fabric to my stash.  Check out Judy's blog to see how others are doing.  Hopefully better than me~

My totals are:

Used this Week:       0 yards
Used year to Date:    27 1/4 yards
Added this Week:     6 yards
Added Year to Date: 29 1/2 yards
Net Used for 2011:   -2 1/4 yards

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Swap blocks

Just finished using a couple star blocks from a long ago swap to make a door decoration for the front door.  Now to give it a good press and then off to the quilting.  What have you worked on today?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 22 - 2011 Stash Report

Not much sewing going on around here lately.  I've been working on a mystery at QATW and am close to being finished with the top.  Most of last week I was in Tallahassee with Heather apartment hunting for her.  Will write about that in another post, otherwise my top would be finished.  To see how others are doing check out Judy's blog

My totals are:

Used this Week:       6 yards
Used year to Date:    27 1/4 yards
Added this Week:     6 yards
Added Year to Date: 2 1/2 yards
Net Used for 2011:   3 3/4 yards

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have to brag on a friend....

A number of years ago Quilt Lover's Hangout here in N. Fort Myers, FL had a BOM and it was houses with different smaller blocks inside.  Well mine is started and the blocks are not all made, however Robin finished hers!  And she entered it in a local quilt show up in Tennessee and she won a Second place ribbon in her class!!!!

Here is her quilt!

Makes me want to dig mine out and work on them....not this week!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My helper.....

It's a good thing I like Heather's cat or else he would end up in the pool one of these days!  This afternoon I thought ok let's play with the Lost Sock blocks, so off to the bedroom I went.  After a little while Eddie came in hoping I was taking a nap, and discovered he could help me with my project.  He has such good ideas...UGH!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Design Wall Monday - March 28

My design wall is very busy this week.  No I do not plan on finishing all these projects this week, month or even the next couple of months.  I just want to work on them little by little and having them up there reminds me I need to put in time on them.  Some are items on my UFO list I want to have finished this year, some are just things I am working on block by block.

The top row is the 2001 Squishie Quilt and I have gotten some sashing sewn on and really want to make some progress on this as it will look fabulous on our bed!  Below that are some of the socks from the Lost Sock Swap hosted by a wonderful lady named Mar and the blocks that are up were made by her.  To the right of them the top block is from The Farmer's Wife Sampler and below it is a Dear Jane block, both of which I am slowing plugging away on 1 block at a time. Below DJ is some of my Summer Ribbons, I need to start on block 2 so I can start putting these in strips.  On the bottom is Debbie Mumm's Santa Sampler.

To what others have on their design walls go over to Judy's 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 13 - 2011 Stash Report

Ended up attending 3 quilt shows over the past 7 weeks and bought fabric, totally blew it.  You can see the pictures here  I hadn't totaled up my stash report since week 6 and figured I was in the red, so you can imagine my surprise when I finally did the math and discovered I wasn't!  In between shows I have been working on Farmer's Wife Sampler and Dear Jane blocks and am making slow progress on those projects, along with knitting some dishcloths.  Want to see how others are doing go over to Judy's and check them out!  Now onto my report........

Used this Week:     1 /3/4 yards
Used year to Date:    20 3/8 yards
Added this Week:    17 1/2 yards
Added Year to Date:    17 1/2 yards
Net Used for 2011:   2 5/8 yards

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March OPAM Finish!

My first finish for the year is a knitted dishcloth.
I found the pattern on Ravelry
This was my attempt at knitting a design.

My second attempt at a knitted shamrock dishcloth.
I let Jim pick out the yarn and should have said 
pick a solid!  So in this picture I outlined
the shamrock in black so you could
find it easier. The pattern can be
found here