Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A UFO bites the dust!

This was started a few years back and truthfully I thought it was finished until I started moving some things into the new sewing room.  Yep!  You guessed it, I found it and various things needed to be finished.  So this past month I have been working on this and it is now a top and hanging in the TBQ section of the closet!  This was a quilt along with Judy over at Patchworktimes.  Jim and I liked it without the extra border of HST's so they were omitted.  I love how this came together and can't wait to get it quilted!


JudyT said...

Kathy, I love those colors and the pattern in that quilt. Good job -- once again!

Robin said...

Yippee- it's finished- OK well not quite finished! :) Mine has been in the drawer waiting for me to find the "perfect" backing for it for the same amount of years- one of these days it will get done.