Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation and moving

Thursday last week we loaded up a truck and moved Heather to Tallahassee.  She will start her Junior year at FSU this month.  She's all unloaded and getting to her unpacking...that will be a work in progress.  We attended Junior Orientation on Friday, she spent her first night in her new place.   Jim and I stayed at one of the many local hotels and let's just say I think we found the worst one in Tally!  The bathroom was claustrophobic, the ceiling over the tub was not fixed well after an apparent leak in the room above us.  When you would turn off the light the smoke alarm would go off!!!!  We also got to spend time with Tim, Bill and Lisa which always turns into a good time.

On Sunday we checked out stopped and saw Heather and Tim and then left town headed for Pensacola.  Took the so called scenic route instead of I 10 and it may have took us longer but had better scenery than 10.    Checked into our hotel and got everything in our room and well lets say it was bad, water leaking, fridge didn't work, etc.  So off to the front desk we go and he gives us key to another room, check it out and well it was a no go this happened to 2 more rooms before the one we are in now.  It still isn't the best, but much, much better than the others!

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