Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Took Heather shopping!

Heather asked me earlier if I would like to buy her some undies.....so I said alright lets run up to Kohl's. Well in her opinion all they had were Granny Panties! LOL So we headed off to Target and much to her dismay they only had Granny Panties as well. I then asked her what are you looking for and where do you usually get them??? She says oh I want such and such and I always find them at Penneys! LOL So off we go to Penneys and low and behold they had something other than granny panties....so she picks them out and we go to the checkout. Well they were to be 5 for $25 and they weren't ringing up that way and this little older lady says well something is in this pile that shouldn't be or else they would ring up. Well after probably 10 mins of waiting for the other clerk to go and check we find out that the one pair had been reduced to $2.99! So Heather goes and picks out another pair of undies so we can get the others for the $25! Talk about pulling teeth to buy underware! So that was my laugh so to speak for today.

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