Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve is here

It is hard to believe but it is almost Christmas. Where has the year gone? For me it flew by...faster than previous years. Well the shopping is done, still need to wrap a few presents and dinner is cooking. Kids are in front of the tv watching Pulp Fiction I believe! And Jim is just finishing shredding the cabbage for the coleslaw. Scalloped potatoes are in the oven and the honey baked ham is in the fridge and tastes awesome. This was Day 11 in the gift exchange I am participating in and I opened up the cutest buttons! I can't wait till tomorrow to find out who my Elf was. She sure has spoiled me rotten this year. I am behind in my picture taking and will get that caught up tomorrow and post a few. Guess it is time to start thinking about New Year's Resolutions...both quilty and personal. Will post those later on this week.

Today at the restaurant this couple came in with twin first I didn't recognize them and then Andrea came over and said remember those twin babies that used to come in all the time...well it turns out these boys were those babies! They are so adorable and they had their dog with them, who stayed outside the door tied to the wagon that the boys were traveling in. So cute, the dog had a cute hankerchief tied around his shoulder and was so good when people walked by. Never barked, nor attempted to bother people. Very well behaved. And so were the boys. It is going to be fun at their house tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

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