Monday, December 10, 2007

Blonde moments! Or maybe I should say Senior moment!

Sunday, one of our Son's friends came over to have me sew a couple of patches on his pants for a karate type of class he is taking. I look no big deal...pant legs wide enough to go around I have Heather get out matching thread while I start setting up the machine. So I thread it and start to sew the first one on and it goes crazy...thread bunching up, making all kinds of noise! I'm like what the heck it wasn't doing this I tell Heather to go get the viking and I set it up and sew the patches on with it. Worked like a charm...but my pfaff I'm like what is going on....later on after getting groceries and all that I sit down with the manual to read the troubleshooting section....hmmm....nothing there! So I go to the front and start reading....find the section on threading the machine and go oh CRAP! I threaded it wrong no wonder it wouldn't work! Then this morning Jim is making a breakfast sandwhich and goes Honey! you threw out the wrong lunchmeat!!!!!!!!!!! Well another blonde moment last night....we had a little bit of lunchmeat in the fridge that had been around a little too long...and I swore we threw it out and put the new in the fridge...well we did the reverse! Threw out the new and kept the old! So now today I get to stop at the grocery store again and buy more lunchmeat and also cheese as that went in the garbage also! I give up! Sure hope today goes well at work...I've had enough blonde/senior moments!!

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