Friday, January 2, 2009

Stashbusting in 2009

Awhile back Judy asked in her blog if we were going to participate in stashbusting again this year. I most definately am!! Last year I did pretty good for it being my first year keeping track of what came in and what went out. Was truely an eye opening experiance. So I have downloaded the pledge and am working on that tonight and getting my spreadsheets ready for this year. I have already busted some stash in the past couple days so woohoo I'm off to a good start!


Morah said...

You go girl! I love looking at the "ins" and "outs" on the list. May your "out" list be longer than your "in" list!!!!

Vicky said...

Here's to another successful stashbusting year for you, Kathy!

Jackie Davis said...

You can do it!!!! :)