Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My first finish of the New Year!

Eddie thought he should help me finish sewing Heather's totebag.

I was sewing along minding my own business when bam! I ran out of bobbin thread. No biggie, wind another bobbin...well crap! Ran out of thread....ok think...breath....wind some from one bobbin to another bobbin and pray it works and that I have enough to finish....This pic is how much thread was left when I got done! Yikes that was close!

This is the finished totebag and what we will call the front.

This pic is what we call the back of the totebag.


Anonymous said...

That came out great!
And she has to like the fabric.
Take care, Diane

gracie said...


Heather is gonna *LOVE* using her new bag! I use mine ALOT and think of *you* every single time :) :) :)

I *LOVE* my present!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great looking tote bag. Someone was clearly on your side with the thread issue!