Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week #35 Stash Report

I did not add any stash this week....nor did I use any stash this week. Thursday I mailed off 90% of my socks for the sock swap and have been off and on working on the remaining 8 large ones that I need to mail off on Tuesday. So my totals are staying the same. Now to figure out what to work on first, I have a number of projects waiting and calling my name to be worked on. I do know that I need to make block #2 for Judy's BOM and block #3 is coming out tomorrow, also have a couple other things that need backing and quilted. And the magazine challenge is over there screaming at me to get started making blocks! Who knew fabric could yell so loud! LOL

Year-to-Date Totals:

Added: 0 yards
Busted: 89 yards
Purchased: 109 and 5/8yards
Net YTD: -20 and 5/8 yards busted


pdudgeon said...

kathy sure hope you're doing ok thru all this weather! Fall and quilting weather will be here soon.
((huggs)) pam

Vicky said...

Oh, fabric yells, all right! In fact, it gets downright obnoxious about it! You're going to be busting up a storm (no pun intended) really soon! (Hugs)

Infinity Quilter said...

Woohoo, the socks are almost done!!! About what to work on next, one word.....PUMPKINS!!! ;0)