Monday, August 11, 2008

Quiltathon update

This past weekend was quiltathon weekend and I was able to get some sewing time in. I had lofty goals and sadly wasn't able to attain them. But I am pleased with what I did get done. On Saturday while at the sewing machine working on block #1 for the Star BOM Eddie thought he should help! LOL Silly kitty, for awhile he laid on the sewing table and just watched and looked out the window. But then he really started helping by coming over and laying down on the pieces that were waiting to be sewn and on top of the instructions I had printed off. Thank heavens I had closed the rotary cutter as he found it and wanted to play with it. I very quickly told him no and moved it. Off and on during the weekend I worked on the sock's for Mar's Lost Sock Swap and got 6 more completely finished! 1 more and I'm halfway done. And the clock is ticking.....the other thing that was accomplished was the complete cutting out for the magazine challenge I am doing with an online group/family. I am so wanting to start sewing on this, but am not letting myself start just yet....keep telling myself that socks are first then the challenge. However I may have to sneak in a few stitches this week. First pic is of Eddie helping me and the second pic is block #1 for the Star BOM.

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Infinity Quilter said...

I hear ya Kathy, I had hopes to get much more done too. It'll get done sooner or later. Now get those socks done so you can work on something else!!!