Friday, August 15, 2008

What a way to start the day!

So work calls to inform me of a call off and that another server is coming in. I figure ok...I might as well get up and get my day going. I come out into the kitchen and Eddie is laying in front of the one desk that is along the garage wall and looking at it like he has something in his sights. For those who don't know Eddie is our daughter's cat and his picture is on the sidebar. So I take a closer look at him and there is something hanging off his mouth. Well I go and get a kleenex as I have no idea what this is, but usually this means it is a baby frog or lizard. No way am I touching those! So I wipe at his mouth and of course he isn't happy about that and then goes to the door to be let out on the lanai (patio). I let him out and watch from the kitchen to see what he does and then I hear this noise coming from the desk that he was watching. I glance that way and turn the light on and I hear it again...I get brave and go closer and there is this huge, gigantic FROG!! I let out a scream and Heather (DD) comes running. As now I have succeeded in waking her up and she knows from that scream she had better come as it normally means HER CAT has brought in someone or there is one huge palmetto bug! LOL So she looks at this frog and she is my frog catcher and says get the glass and paper plate! NO WAY am I touching that!! Well for the next 5 minutes she is trying to get this guy and he keeps hopping around. Finally he lands on the floor and I think alright we've got him now. Well he keeps hopping and ends up in the corner in the laundry room. Finally he jumps in the basket where we put the old magazines and newspapers for recycle day and she is able to get the glass over him and we take him outside and let him loose! I went back in and got the camera and here is the frog that started the commotion!


Anonymous said...

OMG how funny!!!!!!!

Reminds me of the spring when I found a frog in my plant that had been in the kitchen all winter! He hibernated in comfort...

Poor frog...picked the wrong house - the one with EDDIE!

jim said...

just an itty bitty froggie!
what a bunch of wussies!!
The office is roflol!