Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our day in Tampa!

Jim and I went up to Tampa Weds for the Indians/Rays baseball game! Jim is an Indians fan who is slowing becoming a Rays fan! LOL We had awesome seats just on the first base line right off home plate. In the end the Rays won and man was it an exciting bottom of the ninth! Jim really likes Sal Fasano and I got a good picture of him and Evan Longoria was taking some batting practice in front of us prior to the game starting and I snapped one of him also. On the way up we stopped at the rest stop prior to going over the Sunshine Skyway bridge. Beautiful bridge as long as we aren't stop and go on it, like we were on the way home yesterday. I don't like being stopped on bridges....nope don't like it one bit! Unfortunately we both have to go back to work I'm off to get the day moving around here.

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