Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My poor husband!

Late Monday while in a meeting at work he was told that on Tues he would be flying to Cedar Rapids, Iowa....well needless to say he was not very happy about this...he has been numerous times in the past couple he leaves Tues and calls me in the afternoon..he is in St. Louis and has been on the plane for roughly 2 hours waiting to get de-iced and take off....the pilot had just announced that the de-ice machine has broken and that the airport only has 1! So he had no idea when he was going to get to take off. About a 1/2 hour later he calls and announces that the flight is cancelled, he will be staying there tonight...fortunately he got a hotel room for the night. Gets into his room and the heater will only heat the room up to 66.....get more blankets! I call him this morning to see how it's going and he says on track to leave at 10! Yahoo! Then he calls back and says I've been seat....poor guy....a little while later he calls all excited...I got unbumped!! So he should be in Cedar Rapids shortly!! Finally! Hopefully he won't have any trouble getting back home Friday night...he did say that there is snow on the way....keeping my fingers crossed he gets out ok on Friday, however he is going through Chicago on the way back to Florida.....

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