Monday, January 28, 2008

Another late Sunday Report Jan 27th

This was a fun week of sewing for me! I am so glad I took on this stashbusting, it is really helping me, along with attending classes again to get back to quilting. From Jan - Dec 2007 I hardly touched my sewing machine or even thought much about quilting...and that really made me sad. Unfortunately I let my promotion at work take over my life and I made a decision in Dec to not let that happen anymore! So last Weds I attended class and made a really cute table runner and all the fabrics are from the stash!! Yahoo! All that needs done is to make the binding and sew it on. I did some more on my hand applique at class on Saturday and worked on the centers for some snowflake blocks I am doing. Pic of table runner is in the post below this one.

Stashbusting total YTD: 14.75 yards (does not include fabrics for snowflakes)
Incoming total YTD: 1 yard

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Penny said...

Sometimes life can really get in the way of sewing, and its only afterwards that you realise you haven't done anything.