Saturday, October 17, 2009

A huge thank you to Ann!!

Earlier this year Ann had a Pay it Forward on her blog and I was one of three that signed up to be involved. While I was away this summer, my package arrived and Jim (husband) was kind enough to bring it up one of the times he was visiting. I was so thrilled to receive this wonderful package. The wallhanging I kept in my room where I could see it everyday and now it is hanging in my dining room. I love everything that she sent and it came at a good time for me, my only regret was not having sufficient time to take pics and get this posted. Once again THANK YOU ANN!
So now it is my time to host a Pay it Forward.

Ann recently participated in a Pay it Forward and I had signed on and been *chosen* to receive a gift from her, which was fantastic! One of the conditions was that I host a Pay it Forward on my blog. I have chosen to host my Pay it Forward now.

I will select 3 people from those that sign up and send gifts to them. The gifts made to send to others can be anything...maybe tailored to their likes (according to their profiles on their blogs)...or just something I enjoy making.
The gifts from me will be sent out sometime in the next six months.
Then in return, you need to make the same Pay it Forward promise on your blog. I'm not too fussed about when you host your Pay if Forward - perhaps three months from now, six months or even next year.
You must have a blog to participate and when you do host your Pay it Forward you have up to six months to send out your handmade gifts.
Don't forget to post about the Pay it Forward gift you receive.

Would you like to join in? Just let me know by leaving me a comment. Make sure you have an email on your blog or profile so I can get in touch for mailing information.

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