Friday, June 27, 2008

Motivation Friday? Hmmm...

Well today is motivation Friday and I should report what I have done for the week. Well it isn't pretty...I truthfully can't remember a thing I did do. Monday was my birthday....Tuesday was Jim (DH) birthday...Weds was to be a day off to sew and ended up going to work...Thurs did end up being a day off for both me and Jim and we both were on the phone numerous times with work and I ended up in a couple of times. Today another day off for both of us..Jim has been luckier than me, he has had no work calls. I have had a couple and will probably end up in there for a little bit tonight. So the only sewing I have gotten done is I made a star block for Shirley! Sure hope next week is more productive!

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Infinity Quilter said...

You really need to stop answering the phone!!!

P.S. How are you doing on the socks? (Shirley told me to ask. LOL)