Sunday, May 4, 2008

Week #18 Sunday Report!

I didn't realize until I read Vicky's blog that this was week 18! My goodness where has the time gone? I missed reporting last week as we were traveling home from Paducah. So my report will include the past two weeks. Had a fabulous time in Paducah, the quilts are amazing! This past week I have been off on vacation while DH went back to work...and I have been doing a bunch of sewing..Yahoo! I took another of the totebag classes at the LQS and made this bag..the pattern is called New Girl and was quick and easy to make.
Then I finished the Building Block bag from another class earlier in the year.

While in Paducah Shirley quilted my Fall Mystery quilt from a few years ago on Planet Patchwork and I got the binding sewn on it.

Then I had some tulip blocks from a swap a couple years ago and I got those made into a top Saturday.

If you have been reading my blog you already know I added 59 yards of fabric to my stash while I was in Paducah. I finally got up the nerve to update my totals and all in all not too bad..could have been alot worse if I wasn't participating in Stashbusting!
Year-to-Date Totals:
Busted: 51 5/8 yards
Purchased: 78 5/8 yards
Net YTD: <27> yards busted!


Vicki W said...

Considering a trip to Paducah I'd say you did great!!

Lori in South Dakota said...

Everytime I use a piece of fabric that I bought in Paducah it reminds me of being there. So maybe it's not "stash", it's "momentos"!! And the rest of your week looks like it's been super busy.

Vicky said...

You've gotten so much accomplished! Considering you were in Paducah, I'd say you have the best totals of all!! (Hugs)

Randi said...

Great report! You got a lot done!

Anonymous said...

Your projects are great!
Glad to see so many thing finished, I really like the tulips.