Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gary visits Paducah!

One of the two quilting sites I belong to has had a Flat Stanley type thing going on. His name is Gary and he is our quilting bug. Gary visited me prior to leaving for Paducah so he got to go along on the trip. Gary had a blast!

Gary in the hotel in Tallahassee, he is checking out some sewing I was doing in the hotel room. The next picture he is all tucked in bed...sewing and traveling sure does wear him out!
Next on the trip was Paducah! But first he had to watch Shirley quilt a quilt on her machine...Gary is thinking that he needs one of these..
The next day it was head into Paducah and hit the Quilt Show!
Here he is at the Batiks By Design booth at the Kentucky Mall. Gary kinda lost himself in the fabric! He was in 7th heaven!!

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