Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday Report

This past week it was make a baby quilt and have it delivered by Thurs morning. Talk about a deadline...whew I made it and both Mom and Grandmother were very happy with it. This was the first time I had been asked to make something for someone and actually get paid for doing it. I have also been working on prepping my pieces for some Sunbonnet Sue hand applique blocks and I took a hand piecing class on Saturday.

Fabric Added This Week - 6 1/4 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date - 17 1/8 yards
Fabric Used This Week - 9 1/2 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date - 38 7/8 yards
Net year to date: 21 3/4 yards used

I am surprised at how much fabric I have used so far this year. I know in April I am going to take a big hit on fabric added, as Jim and I are going up to Paducah! Oh my!


Vicki W said...

You are doing fantastic so far! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit.

Vicky said...

Yeah, but Paducah fabric doesn't count! :) You're doing great this year!

Infinity Quilter said...

I agree, Paducah doesn't count. We're gonna have a blast. I'll help you buy more fabric! LOL We'll have a show and tell when we get back. ;0)