Tuesday, March 4, 2008


As many of you know our daughter has a cat and his name is Eddie. Well for some reason he thinks he should come in our room at various times of the night for loving and just general aggravating! LOL He has his own door to the lania (patio) which is screened in. He will go out it during the night, but when he thinks it is time to come in, he will come over to the dining room sliding door and sit there and meow and if that doesn't wake me up, he will stand up on his hind legs and knock on the door with his front paws! Now mind you he has no front claws so you know he is hitting the door kinda hard for me to hear him. So I ignore him, doesn't work....hmpffff, up I get and let him in...well he beats me back to bed! LOL and proceeds to go over to Jim and stand on his side and look him in the eye and of course Jim ignores him and Eddie then comes to me...I try ignoring him, but have you ever tried ignoring something that weights roughly 18 pounds and has his front paws with all his weight on them on your sternom or worse yet your boobie! Oh my gosh! So I end up petting him and he settles down and then leaves....but oh wait he comes back again and now it is 5:30 AM! When this happened the other night I thought what is going on he normally comes in around 6:30 AM and wakes us up...so I go and check the calendar and low and behold this weekend we change the clocks....guess Eddie's clock is changing ahead of schedule....LOL CATS! can't live with them! can't live without them! Kinda like husbands and kids!

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gracie said...

Kathy you cudda had another baby for all that lack of sleep ;)