Saturday, September 11, 2010

We will never forget......

the terrifying news of this day nine years ago.  I still can hear Tim's (our Son) voice on the phone as he called and said turn on the news and there I sat for the rest of the day and days to follow, watching the news and not feeling safe to go anywhere and the how quiet it was as there were no planes flying over our house. 

That morning I was sitting at my desk going through the supplies and paperwork that had been sent to me so I could start selling PartyLite Candles. As the days went on I eventually finished doing what needed to be done to start my new adventure, however all I could think of was all the lives that were lost that day and all the heartache for those who were left behind.

In 2005 I was attending a quilt show and they had a 9/11 grouping of quilts that was traveling around to various quilt are a couple of the pictures I took that day.

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Anonymous said...

So much time has passed. And they want us to forget, never!