Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learning to knit socks

I learned to do the basics of knitting one year ago this month and have since made numerous dishcloths and a couple towels.  But I have had this desire to learn how to knit socks, don't know why, maybe a brain fade moment.  LOL  I have purchased numerous books, watched numerous videos and to no avail conquered this!  Over Labor Day weekend I noticed that the Joann's ETC store here was going to have a sock knitting class, so over I went and signed up, got the supply list, my discount coupon for my needles and got everything together.  Monday, Sept. 13th was the first 2 hour class.  This picture shows what I was finally able to do in class Monday and now I have homework for next Monday, which is the final class.  Between now and then I have to knit 7 inches roughly to be able to learn how to do the heel, etc needed to finish this little guy up.  So here's a picture of how it looked when I brought it home. 

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Anonymous said...

Being today is Monday again, do you have the 7 inches?