Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday travels

Saturday I needed to go get some Kona White for a swap I am in.  We are making Christmas Stocking blocks and swapping.  Each of us participating had to pick a certain block for in the center of the stocking.  I am paper piecing a Christmas ornament.  Ooops!  Got sidetracked!  Back to the story, so off we headed to the quilt store, wander around for awhile and then look for the Kona and couldn't find any white.  No biggie they probably have some in the back, so go and ask, they look and nope no white!  UGH!  Ok not too tragic, we'll drive up to Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte area and look there.  The first store we went to is either no longer in business or has moved.  So across the Peace River we go and could not find the other store.  So we turn around and head for home, we came to a Golden Corral and said ok this works for lunch and stopped.  Well in the back parking lot there was a small car show going on.  We went in and ate and then came out and looked at the cars.  Here's a couple pics I took. 

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