Sunday, October 12, 2008

Stash Report #41

Well unfortunately there isn't much to report this week. I did put in a few stitches on the halloween wallhanging but that is all. Today Jim and I ripped out the carpet in the living and dining rooms and got that all tied up for the garbage man. Now to move on and start patching the holes/cracks and get the paint picked out for the walls. We won't really be doing a whole lot more to these rooms until after the first of the year. So here's a before and an after of the carpet episode today.

Totals current as of: October 12

Added: 0 yardsBusted: 15 and 1/8 yards

Year-to-Date Totals:

Added: 113 and 5/8 yards

Busted: 104 and 1/8 yards

Net YTD: <-9 and 1/2 > yards busted


Lori in South Dakota said...

Love that white table in your pictures! Can you tell me about it??? I hate any sort of house remodeling, ugh. But I would love to tear our my carpeting and have some of those new wood floors. Oh, I hate to vacuum too!!

Vicky said...

Look at how close you are to being even!! Go, Kathy, go!!

Doing flooring is such work, but you'll be so happy when it's done! Can't wait to see the after pix! (Hugs)

Anonymous said...

You really got to it!

katie z said...

Woohoo on tearing out carpet! DH just said I could... this spring. I might start in the closets and see how much paint is on our wood floors underneath!