Thursday, September 11, 2008

A day to remember

As I sit here and type this my mind goes back to this horrific day and I reflect on what I was doing and how I learned of this tragedy. On that morning I was happily working on getting my supplies all organized and put away for my new venture into selling PartyLite candles. And then the phone rang and it was our Son, calling to tell me to turn on the tv that something tragic had happened.....from that moment on the rest of the day I sat in utter disbelief at the things that had transpired and that the, still to this day unbelieveable loss of life that occured. I remember watching Peter Jennings on ABC News as he had the task of trying to stay composed and still inform of us what was happening.....It is still hard to believe that something of this magnitude could happen. The above pictures(taken by me) are of quilts that were displayed at a local quilt show in 2005. The star quilt is made using pictures of people who died on this day in the WTC.

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Lois Jarvis said...

Thanks for showing a picture of my quilt, Ground Zero, on your blog. If you readers are interested in learning more about this quilt they can follow this link to my webiste: