Friday, May 1, 2009

Wildlife and pork chops!

We have been staying with my Aunt and Uncle in PA and having a great time with them. It has been so relaxing here....they have this patio area that they turned into the greatest room. It overlooks their backyard and one can spend hours just looking out the windows at all the different birds and squirrels and chipmunks and oh! They also have a little pond with a couple frogs in it. There are numerous feeders around the backyard and here is one of the squirrels under them scavaging for some food.
This feeder has food for the finches and they are just the most beautiful and bright yellow that I have ever seen.
Sunday we cooked pork chops and had a great dinner! Heather this picture is for you!!! Don't you wish you were here to eat these two that were leftover? ROFLOL

Our time here has gone fast and we have managed to pack quite a bit of family time into it. Saturday we start our drive back to Florida and will be taking our time.

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Heather Stahl said...

I *do* wish I was there to eat one! I made some chicken one night and... it was okay. That was the extent of my meat-cooking excursions....

Finches are pretty, too... I've never seen one before.